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Increase Value and Comfort with Granite or Quartz Countertops and More 

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If there is one thing that homeowners are constantly thinking about, is how to increase the resale value of their home. A home, however, is more than just an investment, it’s an emotional commitment. Most people will spend a considerable amount of time at home, perhaps raise children, see their family change and grow, etc. So one of the things that homeowners search for are home improvement projects that will not only improve the value of the home but that will increase the comfort and maybe even the performance of the home as well. Kitchen remodels, bathroom remodels are good examples of common home improvement projects that do this. There are also less thought about projects such as outdoor kitchens and areas. We thought we’d take a look at how some of these remodeling ideas can improve your home’s value and enhance the way you live at the same time. 

What speaks to people about natural stone? 

The famous architect Francis Lloyd Wright’s entire architectural philosophy was based on the idea that promoting nature and bringing in the spirit of the outdoors into our living spaces was the best way to live. He believed that creating spaces that resembled our lives out in nature, human beings would feel more at home. Wright used the natural environment to create comfortable and effective structures. At the same time, the materials he used were often meant to suggest the outside world and provide the occupant with the opportunity to take in nature inside their home and into their everyday life. 

 Natural stone is a premium building material that shines with luxury and natural beauty. This look is sought after by homeowners everywhere, who want their home to feel open and inviting. 

The Kitchen Makeover With a Simple Touch 

It’s no secret that the secret to a homeowner’s heart is through the kitchen. That is, wow them with the kitchen, and you’ll likely have a convinced home buyer. It’s likely because people spend a lot of time in the kitchen but also because the kitchen tends to define a lot of the atmosphere of the home. And yet, a complete kitchen makeover can be quite pricey, but changing a simple detail—like the countertops— can do a world of difference to enhance the look and feel of your favorite cooking spot. 

Countertops set the tone for the entire kitchen and going from dull countertops to beautiful granite or quartz, can go a long way. There is something about granite’s earthy and natural look that simply draws the eye. So, get a professional that can take a look at your kitchen and envision the shade of granite or quartz and what fits your kitchen the best. 

Outdoor Kitchen For a Jolly Good Time

Perhaps you are tired of keeping the grass, mowing the lawn, or watering the plants. If you have considerable backyard space, then maybe there is something better that can be done with it. With the abundance of sunny days and summer evenings that we have here in the borderland, you might consider installing a full outdoor kitchen. An outdoor kitchen will not only increase the resale value of your home, but it will give you years of great entertaining fun. One of the top considerations for your outdoor kitchen, of course, is your kitchen countertops. Outdoor kitchens can include everything from built-in patio grills, smokers, warming drawers, pizza ovens, outdoor sinks. 

Granite countertops for your outdoor kitchen are not only resistant but can withstand a variety of weather to ensure longevity and long-lasting beauty. The National Association of Builders estimates that an outdoor kitchen addition can add as much as 130% of the cost to the purchase price of your home. 

Bathroom Countertops For a Fresh Look 

In many an old fashioned home, it was common to find bathroom countertops that were either ceramic tile, plastic laminate, or cultured marble. While some of these materials are still very much popular, they don’t often do the trick to enhancing a space and really opening up the design possibilities. 

Granite countertops for your bathroom: Granite has an inherent beauty and comes infused with a natural flair that has varying colors in it. This will often make it easy to complement almost any shade or color in your bathroom. 

Choose El Paso’s Granite and Quartz Experts Today 

Here at Eleganzza Granite, our goal is to find the perfect look for your new upgrade. Whether you are looking into a kitchen remodel, spicing up your bathroom, or going all out with an outdoor kitchen, we can help choose the best material option for your home. There are unique characteristics and benefits to granite and quartz that low grade or standard materials don’t have. Let us help you enhance your living space for years to come. 


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