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A Look at Cherry Wood for Your Custom Kitchen Cabinets

Kitchen in luxury home with wood and granite islandThis beautiful planet produces incredible resources that serve as the material for our active imaginations. It is thanks to the beautiful stones, deposits, sand, trees, and metals, that we have erected amazing things. For as long as human civilizations have been building structures and improving their humble abodes, we have used mother nature’s resources as we create new living spaces. We wrote last week about the beautiful earth creation that is marble and the many fine ways we use it. Another one of these creations is one of the most beautiful woods we use for building today and that is Cherry wood. Let’s look into this wonderful material and how it has become the darling of custom made cabinets. 

In the past few decades, Cherry wood has earned its place as one of the finest woods for woodworkers. Black cherry wood is the only commercially important wood in its family. Today, it might be known by any common nickname such as chokecherry, rum cherry, whiskey, cherry, and wild cherry. You may also know black cherry from some popular cough drops and even cough syrups. Most of it comes from the same kind of tree. The American black cherry wood tree bears fruits but it grows quite tall and straight enough to be harvested and cut into lumber. It is said that it can reach up to 100 feet with a 24- inch trunk. They can live a long time but these trees are felled after about 50 to 90 years because the trunk has some susceptibility to rot. 

Colonial furniture makers in the early days of America called Cherry wood “New England Mahogany” because it tended to turn dark red-brown after exposure to sunlight. The technical name for black cherry is Prunus Serotina and it was definitely abundant as early American settlers were building their towns and communities; it is a hard-fought and pioneer tree species. The seeds are easily and widely distributed by birds that carry them from one place to another. One might more commonly find it in place in the Northeast and abundantly so in states like Pennsylvania. This robust tree is known to be a survivor. 

The Beloved Characteristics of Cherry Wood: Elegance, Charm, and Timelessness

Cherry is a deciduous hardwood that possesses a fine straight grain that ranges from reddish-brown to blond. It has a discernible wood tone and grain that makes it very popular amongst those that seek the natural and sleek wood look. It takes stain very well and can be a great choice for those that seek the distressed wooden look as well. These qualities make this wood a staple in many traditional kitchen designs.  Some of the most well-known characteristics of this fine wood include:

  • Lush color. This wood will typically be reddish-brown with a golden hue. The color will stand out against any light-colored paint or complement many colors, which is what makes cherry a sought after wood. 
  • Texture. This wood has a straight-grain and smooth texture with a natural luster not commonly found in other woods. 
  • Versatile. This type of wood is great to work with because of its straight-grained qualities. The wood can become blemished in the staining process, so it must be cared for properly. Nevertheless, it can be cut, carved, and molded easily.
  •  Strength. It is no secret that cherry wood is a strong and very robust type of wood. It is a strong wood with a good ability to resist shock loads. 
  • Durability. Cherry wood is also very resistant to rot and decay. 
  • Structure. Cherry possesses a fine pore structure. This makes it easy to discern the many rings in the wood. 
  • Attractive patterns. Cherry wood varies greatly and will have eye-catching abstract patterns, tight waves, and ripples. 

More Things to Note About This Unique Wood 

Aside from its well-known properties, there are some very unique features about this wood that also set it apart. 

  • It darkens over time. Cherry wood will typically get darker with exposure to sunlight and will likely darken in a home within the first year it is there. The effect makes the wood appear much more refined. 
  • It is a softer hardwood. It is softer than oak or hard maple; this makes the wood quite a bit lighter and easier to work with. 

This wood goes well in many modern and old-fashioned kitchens. It complements different hues and shades, allowing for the natural finish and tone of the wood to be highlighted and contrasted with a kitchen’s colors. When it comes to installing custom cabinets, cherry wood is the preferred choice of many.  It’s delicate patterns and strong character offer the perfect balance of nature and modernity. Here at Eleganzza Granite, we work with more than just beautiful natural stones, we also offer custom cabinets with only the highest quality materials and woods.  Connect with us today and find out how we can help you take your kitchen to the next level. 

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