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The History of Granite Construction – From the Earth to Your Countertops

Various types of granite showing the uniqueness behind every slab

As a building material, granite continues as one of the most popular and sought-after materials in construction. It will immediately raise the value of your home, but that’s not the main reason why people seek it. Granite’s allure comes from its undeniable natural beauty, inherent luxury, and durability. It inspires splendor, evoking a mysterious timelessness and classic style appealing in older homes, new homes, offices, and more. How did granite become discovered, and how did it come to be the darling of design? 

For centuries, royalty and the wealthy used granite as a way to show class. Today, it is accessible for homeowners or property owners that seek timeless material for their kitchen, bathroom, countertops, and more. It has also been used as a material for monuments and structures to inspire elegance. An estimated 3,000 varieties of granite exist. This means that each slab of granite used is unique. At times, the stone shows an almost three-dimensional quality, which aspires to a sense of depth that looks very appealing. There is no mass production and no repeated patterns. It is a combination of quartz and feldspar grains that fuse over time and form a hardened material. The stone also has traces of mica, amphiboles, and other materials. Those grains are then visible through the light-color stone. It results from the slow crystallization of magma below the Earth’s surface. 

Timeless Material 

Some evidence suggests that the ancient Egyptians used granite on the pyramids as finishing touches for decoration and design. The stone gets mined out of the ground from nearby quarries in places like Aswan. Despite its laborious retrieval from the Earth—using a hammer and chisel— it was in high demand. It became used for building palatial columns, burial chambers, monuments, and obelisks. The early mining process involved the tools mentioned above in cutting holes in the stone. Then, wooden wedges were put into the stone, and as the wood expanded, the stone would split and could then be retrieved. 

The Romans were also keen on the many uses of granite as a building material and utilized it for their buildings and roads. As the retrieval of the stone became more effective, the material became more widespread and available for more than just the uber-wealthy. The material then becomes used to build luxurious baths, pools, churches, and more. 

Granite in Modern Times and Its Popularity Surge 

As early as the 18th century, places like the United Kingdom were sourcing granite and seeking it out as a special material for its churches and other prominent buildings. In America, granite became considered the gold of a different color. As part of what drew hundreds of pioneers to the Wild West in America, granite was one. Many risked life and limb for the promise of this beautiful material and its many possibilities. 

It was only in the 1880s that granite became popularized as a common material for countertops. At first, it was used in very luxurious homes and high-end environments. Even in the 1800s, the mining process was quite dangerous and laborious, making the material much more expensive to get and retrieve. It was still largely cut up by hand. 

Today granite is popular and desired for kitchens, bathrooms, and more. Celebrities like Kanye West and Kim Kardashian, Tom Brady, and Jennifer Lopez have shared images of their home’s beautiful interior where granite shines. The good news is that you don’t have to be a celebrity to have this beautiful material in your home. It has become accessible and affordable for homeowners everywhere. 

The Process of Mining Granite

 Mined from the Earth,  granite usually from quarries. Miners extract raw granite materials out of the Earth. These quarries exist throughout the world, though some geographical locations are richer in their reserves. Places like Brazil and Italy have rich granite quarries where a good amount is extracted. Giant slabs of granite in rough form. From there, it goes to a workshop to begin the transformation into slabs. Then, the slabs go through cleaning, polishing, and milled with a special machine. The slabs then go through special cutting using precise measurements and sent for installation in your kitchen, bathroom, or office countertop. 

The Return On Investment 

Granite originates from the Earth and has lived for thousands of years in very harsh conditions. It will certainly survive your kitchen. After beauty, the second most cited reason is the high return on granite is enough that some buyer’s markets report a 100% return rate on things like granite countertops. In addition, because of its durability is a lifetime, whether you sell now or in 10 years, the investment will stand the test of time. 

Enhance Any Room with Timeless Natural Beauty

In the end, whether you are looking at new kitchen countertops, bathroom countertops, or adding it to your office reception area, Eleganzza Granite installs beautiful granite to transform any room. It provides endless choices and color options! So, connect with us today and find out how you can inspire any space. 

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