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Marble in Your Home: A Deep Dive Into Nature’s Shining Stone 

Lincoln Memorial

We all know it when we see it. This stone’s inherent beauty is unmistakable. Its finesse and quiet resilience will captivate a room and entrance a passing crowd. The luxury and class that it brings to any space is undeniable, and it’s why marble is one of the most sought-after and beloved stones for building, decoration, sculpture, and more. In addition to its timeless beauty, this stone is highly versatile, so it has been used throughout history for a variety of uses that go beyond the home. As stone experts, here at Eleganzza Granite, we cherish the beautiful creations of earth and use these stones to enhance our customers’ living spaces. We thought we’d dedicate some time and revisit the absolute wonders of marble, it’s history, traditions, and architectural potential. 

Marble: A Transformative and Resilient Stone From the Earth’s Layers 

The earth is an incredible planet; it produces not only resources that sustain life but incredible materials that have impacted man’s ability to flourish and build. Many of the earth’s naturally occurring rocks are examples of this, as they have been manipulated by mankind since the early civilizations. Marble is recognizable because of its snow-white properties sometimes streaked with colorful veins that produce a unique design. It is a metamorphic rock, which means marble is transformative. A metamorphic rock usually refers to one that begins as some other type of rock but has undergone a substantial chemical change and been altered from what was previously their igneous, sedimentary, or previous metamorphic form. It is perhaps this fact that is part of marble’s majestic nature. Its very existence means a long survival and hard-fought journey. 

Metamorphic rocks undergo metamorphosis, in which they are transformed into denser more compact rocks over time. They are usually altered when subjected to high temperatures and pressure so that it alters the properties. The conditions needed for a rock to undergo metamorphosis usually happen deep in the Earth’s crust or where tectonic plates collide. 

Marble In The World and Famous Monuments

This white stone has big ambitions and it hasn’t ever been satisfied with being used only in the home. For centuries, emperors and artisans have used the stone to their whim. Many busts and statues of Greek gods were sculpted out of this stone. Marble has conquered the realm of public monuments and sculptures, giving it a public persona that has made it quite the celebrity and immortal beloved throughout human history. 

The Supreme Court Building

If you’ve ever toured the capital of the U.S., you know that several monuments and historic buildings inspire reverence and admiration for the architecture and stories that lie behind the structures. The Supreme Court Building located at One First Street, NE Washington, D.C, is the permanent home of the nine supreme court justices that occupy the court. The building was constructed between 1932 and 1935 using different types of marble. In the exterior, Vermont marble was predominantly used. Bright white marble was used in the inner courtyard. 

The Washington Monument 

The tall sculpture that rests in the middle of Washington D.C was built between 1848 and 1884. More than one hundred years later, the monument continues to stand as a symbol that memorializes America’s first president and commander-in-chief of the Continental Army.  The monument is predominantly composed of different types of marble including Texas marble, Sheffield marble, Cockeysville Marble. These types of marble are derived from different queries throughout the country, each named after their respective places of origin. 

Statue of Abraham Lincoln 

Another unforgettable cultural monument, the Lincoln memorial is a 30 foot, 170-ton statue sculpted out of 28 blocks of Georgia marble and is a testament to the timelessness possible with marble. Sitting in his high pedestal, this larger-than-life sculpture and revered historical figure looks down from his chair with a solemn and pensive expression. 

These are just three monuments in the U.S capitol that use marble. Countless other legendary structures have used the wonders of marble to enhance their beauty. 

Marble as the Versatile Stone for Your Counters and Countertops 

The journey of marble is a long one. It begins as a different type of rock and must undergo serious metamorphosis to become the beautiful stone we know today. People love marble in the home for several reasons:

Softness and glow. There is no denying that marble is a beautiful stone, but it possesses qualities that are not all that common in many rocks. Part of the reason marble is used for sculptures and historic monuments is that it possesses a softness and inherent glow that enhance its aesthetic appeal. 

Durability. Another reason homeowners choose this precious stone is its undeniable durability. It’s one of those one-time investments, as any marble countertop or feature in your home is likely to last through the ages. The stone is dense and tough and withstands a lot of wear and tear. 

Versatility. As mentioned already, marble is one of those products of the earth that have very many uses. The stone is also softer to work with than, say, granite, which means that detailed work and edges can be customized a lot easier. 

Easy maintenance. Keeping marble clean is not hard. It takes soft cleaners and a paper towel to simply wipe away any residues or dirt that accumulates. This makes it a popular choice for homeowners as well. 

Home value. Adding granite to your home will only increase the value and beauty of your home. Homeowners everywhere love marble. Even a simple minimalist kitchen with nothing else but sleek and glowing marble countertops will attract anybody. 

Here at Eleganzza Granite, we work with earth’s most beautiful stones: granite and marble. They are both unique and have their own set of qualities that sets them apart. Marble has its own history and journey. Its name means ‘shining stone,’ and it has natural unique qualities that cannot be replicated. If you are looking for something that carries true beauty and history, call us today and we’ll show you how marble will transform your home or office. 

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