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The Dos and Don’ts of Cleaning and Caring for Granite Countertops 

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Granite is definitely a fragile material, but cleaning and caring for it is rather simple. By avoiding harsh chemicals and cleansers, you won’t have to worry about damaging your granite. Whether it’s on your kitchen or bathroom countertops, you need to treat the material all the same in order to preserve it. It’s not often when homeowners find themselves having to repair their granite countertops, but it can happen if you are not treating the material the way it needs to be. We outline the main dos and don’ts when it comes to cleaning your countertops that way you can have beautiful granite accents for a lifetime! 

DO Clean Surfaces with Neutral Cleansers 

The best kinds of cleansers you can use are those that are made specifically for fragile surfaces. These cleansers are known as neutral cleansers. When using these cleansers to go over your countertops, you can use a soft cloth or thick sponge. Yes, you can use warm water when going over your granite. You don’t have to do a whole scrub either, just lightly going over the surface should do the job. 

DO Pick Up Spills Immediately 

Leaving spills to dry on your granite surfaces can pose some damage over time and create stains. The minute a spill happens, it is important that you do what you can to pick it up and clean it. Cleaning your countertops is not hard. As we mentioned, you can use a sponge or light cloth to absorb the spill and clean accordingly.

DO Use Coasters As Much as Possible

The more liquids that come into contact with your granite surfaces, the more water stains will come up. This can easily be avoided with coasters. When looking for coasters, it is best to opt for materials that are durable and will not absorb the liquids. Whether you are drinking from a glass, a bottle, or a can, it is important that you make it a habit to use them on your granite surfaces 

DO Use a Cutting Board and Mats for Hot Pots and Pans 

Most of the time, you can put a hot pan or pot on your granite surface, but it is possible for your surface to suffer from thermal shock and ultimately result in cracks. As rare as it can be, it’s never a risk worth taking. This can occur with granite, quartz, and other stone materials. With that being said, you can use mats, cutting boards, and trivets to protect your surfaces. 

DON’T Use Abrasive Cleansers 

Abrasive cleaners are the most generic cleaning products. Products such as bleach, glass cleaners, and degreasers often contain acids and harmful properties. When applied and scrubbed on these surfaces, you can find scratches and stains on your granite. Although these chemicals might be cheaper, they can impose damage on your granite countertops the more that you use them. 

DON’T Use Alkaline Cleansers 

Alkaline solutions are those that are composed of alkaline salts, wetting agents, and sequestrant agents. They displace contaminants on surfaces with active agents and alkaline materials. What most people don’t know is that because of how strong these chemicals are, they can deteriorate the surface of granite countertops. Always avoid cleaning chemicals that do not promise gentle action on stone surfaces.

DON’T Sit or Stand on Countertops 

Although granite surfaces are very hard and durable, adding weight to these surfaces can take a toll on the material. Additionally, these surfaces do not have extra support such as plywood, so when you stand or sit on countertops, the material from within is bending and could break over time if you add more weight. This can be easily avoided by using a stool to reach anything above your countertops. 

DON’T Store Toiletries or Liquids on Counters 

It can be easy to make a habit of storing liquids and containers, but this can ultimately harm your granite surfaces. This is because containers such as cooking oils, dish soap, and other liquids can leak and stain the surface. These containers also collect water so this can also bring stains to the surface. You can protect your counters by placing these products on shelves or in decorative trays for proper storage. 

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