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Fun Facts To Know when Choosing Quartz for Your Countertops

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Quartz is amongst some of the popular stone materials used for countertops in home interior. Although, people are probably not very aware of how much quartz we interact with and how much of it is really implemented in the elegance of our homes. Despite how much or how little one may know of quartz’s contributions to our lives and surroundings, it is a flawless choice to create elegance. Let’s go over a few facts about the stone material as a potential candidate for your ideal countertops.

One Source

Whether you live in the southwest of Texas or in the Bay Area of California, all countertops made of quartz come from the same place: Breton company of northeast Italy. Established in the 1960s, Breton created the technology of creating quartz with aggregates and polymers, which is what gives these countertops an authentic and unique feel. 

Walking on Stone

Ever noticed the tile of kitchens, your local mall, or bathroom counters? Those tiles and stones are almost always quartz- that’s how popular the stone has become. Quartz is even used as a source of tile in airports, but of course, the material is slabbed out in massive sizes. 

The Eco-Efforts of Quartz

One would think that there is only so much you can do to be an avid recycler, but quartz is actually comprised of recycled materials. Approximately ninety percent of the material that is compressed to make quartz are waste by-products used for other quarrying or other manufacturing processes. 

Bringing Lower and Flexible Prices

Quartz and granite are usually in competition with each other, but because the demand for quartz has increased, the prices for granite have favorably decreased. Quartz is still affordable and acts as a dynamic investment, but if you still have considerations for granite, the prices are much more in your favor.

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