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How To Choose the Wood You Need for Your Cabinets

A beautiful kitchen with quartz counter-tops, overhead lighting, gray black wood cabinets, and stainless steel appliances sits idle.

If you’re looking to liven up your cabinet space with a remodel, it can be overwhelming to consider all your options. Our collection here at Eleganzza lets you choose from 8 different types, which can certainly be a lot to choose from. It’s a big decision, because your cabinets can affect the entire mood of your room and affect the overall value of your home. We understand that, so we thought we’d give you a little bit of guidance on how to choose your new cabinets.

Maple, Hickory, Oak, and Pecan: The Heavy Hitters

Maple, hickory, oak and pecan are all considered “hardwoods”, meaning they are more resistant to deformities like dents or scratches. These woods are perfect if you anticipate heavy use for your cabinets, as you’ll see that they can withstand a lot of punishment. Maple ranges in color from white to cream, but can be stained or painted to get a desired color. It can also be styled to go in any type of setting, from traditional to modern. Oak, unlike the fine grain of maple, has a comparatively coarse grain and typically ranges from light to medium brown in color. Oak has usually been stained in the past, but new painting styles for oak have come into vogue. Hickory—just like in barbecue—can add a smoky, down-to-earth style to your kitchen or bathroom. It’s unique striations help set the tone in any room, especially one with black tones throughout. All of these hardwoods run the gamut of color and style, so it’s best to consider the overall vision for your kitchen or bathroom before deciding on one.

Walnut, Cherry and Birch: Timeless Style

While walnut, cherry and birch are technically hardwoods, they are usually softer than the woods previously mentioned. Walnut, unlike some other wood types, can be found in a huge range of grain and color combinations. Walnut is most known for its darker tones, but can be found on the lighter side as well. This makes walnut a very versatile wood, both in functionality and in styling.The cherry tree came to America in the late 1700s, but commercial cherry tree production didn’t start until the mid-1800s. Since then, cherries and cherry trees have been a staple of American life, and their wood has furnished homes ever since. Cherry has generally been used for a more traditional style, but has in recent times been used in more modern decor. Birch is typically more versatile than cherry, and accepts stains extremely well. Birch is most common in plywood, and has a fine grain similar to cherry. Walnut, cherry, and birch are a great mix of hardness and style.

Alder: Softer Wood for A Softer Finish

Alder is the softest of the woods we carry, but is also very versatile. Alder has a low strength rating, and is usually referred to as a “semi-hardwood”. It has a grain pattern similar to cherry or maple, and is most often found in a medium brown color. Alder is a great wood to work with, as it is conducive to most woodworking techniques, and can be used in almost any style of room with the right painting or staining.

The Best Cabinets in El Paso

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