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The Ageless Beauty of Granite — From Ancient Egypt to Today

beautiful home with granite countertopsThere are certain materials that hold within them a vast history, tethered to both antiquity and the modern era. One such material is granite. This material was used by the Egyptians in the 26th century BC. They build pyramids and sarcophaguses with the beautiful stone. In the 11th century BC, further in the east, in South India, the Brihadeeswarar Temple was built. This was the first temple built entirely of granite in the entire world. The Romans also adored granite, using it mainly for architecture. Mount Rushmore, here in the United States, is one of the world’s most well-known granite sculptures. It’s surreal to think that the same material ancient Egyptians used to build intricate sarcophaguses can also be used to outfit your kitchen or home. This is where the true beauty of granite is clearly exemplified.

Granite Countertops — Much More than a Pretty Surface

There’s a reason why granite remains important across the centuries. To this day, people recognize the value of this material. It holds a somewhat mystical allure. Unlike wood or plastic, which populate the homes of today, granite brings an ageless presence to your kitchen. This is because granite retains its natural look. As a natural material, granite is also incredibly durable, making it a perfect option for kitchen countertops. Kitchens must remain bacteria- and germ-free. Common countertop materials can house these unwelcome microscopic guests, thus making the entire environment unhealthy. But with granite, homeowners won’t have to worry about bacteria and dirt. This is because granite countertops are sealed, making them non-porous. Nothing will soak into your countertop. Kitchens also get dirty on a regular basis. The sealed surface of granite countertops makes clean up a breeze.

Add Elegance to Your Kitchen

As far as kitchen countertops go, granite stands apart from every other option. Granite is perfectly flat so any cooking or baking can be done without worrying about finding a flat surface when every countertop will work! The addition of granite also increases your home’s value so if the time to sell comes, you’ll be able to reap the rewards. The kitchen may be the single room in the house that gets the most use. As such, kitchens require a material that’s durable and easy to maintain if anything were to befall it. Granite is such a material and it can be easily fixed if a scratch or chip occurs. If you’re a homeowner and you’re ready to upgrade your kitchen, consider granite countertops! There’s a reason why this material remains as crucial today as it was back in ancient Egyptian times. Contact Eleganzza Granite Inc. today to learn more about what we have to offer!

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