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What’s So Great About Granite Countertops?

close up of kitchen granite countertop with tomato and pasta on itHaving the right type of countertop in your home is more than a matter of taste: it is also a matter of quality. While there are many options for you to choose from, why not consider granite countertops? Your kitchen and bathroom counters go through a lot of wear a tear, which means they need to be tough and durable. If they are easy to scratch, then they might also be easy to crack or break. With granite you do not have to worry about such tragedies occurring. Granite is made of pure all natural stone which has been cut and polished to fit your specific needs. This means that the stone is less likely to break or scratch. If you are looking for quality granite countertop work the you need Eleganzza Granite. They have helped many El Paso homeowners find, fit, and care for their unique granite counters.

Why Do So Many Homeowners Love Granite Countertops?

Homeowners love granite countertops because they are durable and last for years. If you have children or entertain often, then you already know how much your countertop must endure. Having to worry about what is on the counter or who is cutting on it is unnecessarily stressful. With granite, you do not have to worry because you know that your counter can take it. Besides this however, granite also gives your home a warm and unique look. By working a professional on granite, you are sure to find the perfect countertop for your home.

Granite Requires Maintenance

Owning granite will definitely improve your home, but it does need a little maintenance from time to time. The biggest maintenance needed is regular sealing. This helps prevent your granite countertops from staining. It is recommended that you have a professional come in once a year to ensure that the sealing is done properly. Another pause for most homeowners is the cost. Depending on the type of granite you want, costs can be anywhere from eighty dollars a foot to two hundred a foot.  But, having quality countertops in your home will save you peace of mind for years to come. Not only that, this important Aside from these two considerations, granite is fairly easy to maintain and should last you at least twenty-five years.

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Making an investment in our home is always a good idea. If you are looking for quality granite countertops for your home or bathroom, then choose El Paso run Eleganzza Granite. They have the experience needed to offer you complete service for your countertop needs. Call for an appointment today!

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