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The 4 Best Kitchen Remodeling Ideas for 2022

modern kitchen with granite countertops

What’s dominating the kitchen in the year 2022? Kitchen trends are like the seasons: they come and go and cycle through recurring themes. Cultural and social trends spill into the home and make their way to the heart of the home. From minimalist designs and layouts to traditional floor plans, the kitchen seems to very much reflect the mood of the times. 

So what trends come and go and what stands the test of time? Here, we focus on a few kitchen trends that seem to remain timeless even in the year 2022. 

Kitchen Trends in Our Current Era

As we all know, covid penetrated every aspect of our lives: from the way we worked to the way we learned, what we ate, how we spent our weekends, etc. The lockdowns and closures kept people inside their homes, learning to redefine their own space, and finding ways to make their homes a place of inspiration, comfort, and functionality. 

Common home renovation trends in the post covid world included: 

  • Home additions: Whether it was adding extra rooms, home offices, converting garages, or adding features like breakfast nooks or breakfast bars, a lot of homeowners decided that adding to their home was the way to go.
  • Communal kitchens: The open kitchen layout has dominated the design industry for many years, and most homeowners went one of two ways: they either embraced the open layout and made modifications, or closed up the space to add some more options. 
  • Multipurpose areas: as people scrambled to find ways to implement their workday, schoolday, and entertainment into one room, the need for multipurpose areas has also guided many homeowners. 
  • Enhanced outdoor spaces and features: Once people were relegated to their homes, they began looking to their backyards as places of new possibility. Adding outdoor kitchens, patios, hangout areas, and more.

Let’s look closely at the way the last two years have revolutionized the modern kitchen. 

During covid, the kitchen became a central point of the congregation, a study hall, and maybe even an office. The balance between function and aesthetics rose to the forefront. 

Classic Remodeling Choices for Any Kitchen 

Whether your style is minimalist, traditional, classic, or a mix of both, you can’t go wrong with the time-proven kitchen counter remodeling. And one of the most popular materials? 

The ever-loved classic-yet-timeless marble kitchen countertops. 

The 4 Best Kitchen Remodeling Ideas for 2022

So what’s cooking in 2022 as far as kitchen remodeling? Here are the most sought-after renovations. 

#1 Upgraded Kitchen Countertops: Because of their functionality and beauty, new countertops seem to catch the eye of homeowners looking to revamp the kitchen. 

#2 Kitchen Islands: While these have been popular for some time now, covid brought these back to the forefront with one little change: they are bigger, longer, and with more cabinet space. Homeowners suddenly realize how functional these spaces can be and have implemented them into their floor plans while maximizing space. 

#3 Vinyl Flooring: Often counted out, the type of flooring in your kitchen can say a lot. One of the most popular choices in 2022 is vinyl. 

#4 Specialty cabinets and high-tech appliances: Sometimes the devil is in the details and kitchens are more and more focused on the little things. These features, however, have a big impact on the overall feel of the kitchen. Specialty organizing cabinets and high-tech appliances (like smartphone controls) are making their way into the kitchen. 

A Close Look at Marble — One of the Most Popular Countertop Stones

Number 1 on the remodeling list was new countertops. This, of course, is a board category as homeowners have plenty of materials to choose from. Marble is one of the top three. It is instantly recognizable and yet somewhat of a mystery the more you dig deep. This metamorphic rock composed of recrystallized carbonate materials is pleasing to the eye and soothing to the soul. 

This stone has been through it all: it has been a prized stone of great empires and emperors, cherished by artisans and artists, and beloved by the general public as a reminder of earth’s majestic beauty. 

The Stone’s Makeup

Metamorphic rocks transform beneath the surface because of great pressure and heat. The pressure and heat change the stone’s chemical makeup, turning it from limestone and slowly recrystallizing it into the white beauty we know and recognize as marble. 

Understanding the Purity of Marble 

When people refer to the purity of marble, they are talking about the color variation. The whiter and cleaner the color is, the more pure the stone. Many people, however, prefer the marble look with the colored veining—or as we like to say the golden veins— even though it might signify a slightly less pure stone. These golden veins are formed because of the amount of materials in the stone itself. 

Why Is It a Great Kitchen Countertop?

Because of its long history, marble has stood the test of time when it comes to its beauty. In addition to that, however, the stone is functional, durable, and blends with any style of kitchen. So whether you’re into the minimalist aesthetic or have a traditional kitchen workspace, marble blends in perfectly.

Ready to Take the Leap into Luxury and Style? 

New marble countertops are an investment like no other. They provide long-lasting beauty, and functionality, and improve your home’s value. Do you want to find out more about how it’s done?

Check out Eleganzza Granite and how we specialize in nature’s beautiful stones for kitchens, bathrooms, and more. Call the Eleganzza Granite team today. 

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